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1000 Neighborhood Gatherings

In 2023, Colorado Springs leaders, including city council members, Police and Fire Department chiefs, school superintendents, and Mayor Yemi Mobolade, began to highlight the seriousness of poor mental health among local citizens. This decline is being experienced on every side of community interactions, in every neighborhood and corner of the community.

In an effort to stem the tide of these concerns, as well as turn around these trends toward more positive outcomes, the City of Colorado Springs has named mental health and resilience as a key outcome over the next few years. While other local resources exist to address these issues, a major action point has been an initiative to hold 1,000 neighborhood parties in 2024, in order to connect neighbors to one another. Research has demonstrated that knowing the names of 6 nearby neighbors can substantially decrease suicide ideation; additional research validates the power of connectedness among neighbors to boost a sense of community and resilience.

Why Should The Church Participate? 

 The Bible is full of teaching and instruction on loving one’s neighbor (Lev. 19:18; Rom. 13:9-10; Rom. 15:2; Jas. 2:8; Luke 10:25-37). Not only that, but the crises of loneliness, isolation and despair are in direct contrast to one of the central purposes of the local church: to connect people to one another for the sake of hope, care, and connectedness. This makes for the perfect opportunity for local churches to work alongside city leaders, “seeking the peace and prosperity of the city to which the Lord has called you” (Jer. 29:7), by doing the very things the church was established to do while also advancing an initiative the city deems critical. 

Apply for Funding

Churches may apply for up to $750, with a suggested target of using $150 per neighborhood party. The more parties a church intends to help execute, the more money for which it is able to apply. We want to make it as easy as possible for attenders of local churches to hold gatherings in their homes, streets, front and back yards, and neighborhood parks – and want to assist in the cost of gathering one’s neighbors.

Identify your Hosts

Before you can apply for funding, you will need to recruit some members of your church that would like to host a gathering. Gather the first and last names of each potential host, as you will need them for the registration form.

Apply for Funding

We want to help your host afford their gatherings! Each church can request up to $750 to use however they would like for food, fun, invitations, or other gathering supplies. While we have a suggested allotment of $150 per gathering, you are encouraged to use the money to fund as many gatherings as you can. Click here to apply for funding.

Have Host Register Gathering

Once you’ve completed the COSILoveYou form, you will receive an email with a link to the City of Colorado Springs website. This link will need to be passed to each host so that individual gatherings are registered through the City. Please ensure your host(s) complete this important step!

Plan Your Gathering

Now it’s time to get creative and plan your gathering! Our partner CONO has a list of resources and ideas to help you as your host begin planning your gathering. To access the CONO NeighborhoodU resources, click here.

Provide Feedback

30 days after the funding has been distributed to your church, individual hosts will receive an email with a feedback form. We want to know the stories, impact, and connections that were made during neighborhood gatherings. The information gathered from this step is critical to our report to the city of the Church’s impact on this initiative.


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