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COSILoveYou is a City Gospel Movement in Colorado Springs. Our mission is to unite and ignite the local Church to love the city. The vision: That every woman, man and child would experience the tangible love of Jesus.


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In 2023, churches across the city rallied for Fall and Spring CityServe Day. These are the combined results of those two days:



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We do the planning and logistics so that your congregation can be the hands and feet of Jesus to our city and its people. Becoming a Partner is easy:


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“I have worked personally with COSILoveYou on many levels of the organization from a volunteer participant to serving in various leadership capacities. The formal and informal leadership team of COSILY is made up of men and women who embody stalwart integrity, trustworthy credibility, and a sincere heart for the good of this community.”

– Pastor Jayde Duncan | New Life Midtown

“COSILoveYou is a wonderful asset to our community. Their mission is solid and the work they do on a daily basis positively impacts our city and its citizens. I really appreciate the collaborative and community-building efforts that they lead, which brings the faith community together with civic and business leaders to the benefit of social issues and needs.”

– Randy Royal | Colorado Springs Fire Chief

“COSILoveYou is love in action, a force multiplier of service to the people of Colorado Springs. And the gift is more than a beautiful smile, every day it supports a positive impact in countless lives.”

– Nancy Henjum | City Council District 5

“I love what COSILoveYou is doing to further the holistic flourishing of every person in the greater Colorado Springs area. In my work with dozens of transformational city network leaders from around the country, COSILoveYou is one of the bright spots as they collaboratively work with leaders from the faith community, nonprofits, businesses, schools and governments for the betterment of the community.”

– Eric Swanson | Leadership Network

“I cannot say enough positive things about COS I Love You! What a phenomenal nonprofit! They not only embrace their mission and live their mission, but they embrace and live the mission of every organization they sponsor. This organization literally helps network all of our city’s churches with schools to support students, staff members, and families. Their ability to generate resources, volunteers, and also help problem solve is unlike any other. “

– Principal Kim Noyes | Centennial Elementary

“I have had the honor and privilege of working alongside the COSILY team for the past few years. COSILY’s drive and passion for the city of Colorado Springs is next to none. People who serve alongside them are left with a fire to serve more and telling stories for years to come. This organization loves and blesses everyone in its path. Thank you so much COSILY and team!”

Ben Essells | Discovery Church

“Being a single parent of three elementary students the start of school can be very stressful for many families including mine! I have three different school supplies lists, backpacks, clothing, shoes and can’t forget hair cuts to purchase! The backpack bash help take some of the burden off my shoulders this year! The friendliness and waves of volunteers helped brighten my morning.  I am very thankful for all the volunteers whom helped put this together! I hope one year I can volunteer to pay it forward!”

– Backpack Bash Attendee

“The organization cares about the city of Colorado Springs. COSILoveYou provides an environment to help the city in many different ways, through meaningful actions. The staff has great integrity and they are fun to be around with.”

CityServe Day Volunteer

“An inspiring collaborative that rallies to address pressing needs, always working for the good of all involved.”

–  Lydia | CityServe Day Volunteer

“As someone who works for the City of Colorado Springs, COSILoveYou has found many ways to positively impact our local government, partnering with many of our departments to clean storm water channels, clean up parks, and beautify our city with flowerbeds. COSILoveYou has helped to unite the different faith communities in Colorado Springs to do more together than they could ever do apart.”

– Joe Hollmann | City of Colorado Springs

“I have volunteered with this organization for the past three years. My experiences were great and it’s a wonderful way to be involved in the local community. Will definitely continue to volunteer in as many opportunities as I can.”

Ann | CityServe Day Volunteer

“COSILoveYou is an incredible organization unifying so many different churches in our community under a common mission to love our city in practical. As the founding pastor of a new church (2.5 years), I have found COSILoveYou to be an invaluable resource to connect pastors, churches, and communities. They are doing a great job connecting local churches to the needs of the city. We love partnering with COSILoveYou!”

– Pastor Joe Adams | Manna Church

“I’ve been so inspired by the way COS I Love You unites and mobilizes churches and people from so many different backgrounds to work together to improve people’s lives! We are doing something similar here in our community and it’s encouraging to see similar movements sprouting up all over.”

Kevin Palau | President & CEO of Luis Palau Association

“Every city has a lot of needs, and every city has a lot of churches. Much of the time churches and other organizations are doing their own thing (which is still great) to help, but what if there was a way to (more effectively) do it together?! With their very real and genuine “no strings attached” attitude, COSILoveYou is doing just that… acting as a bridge and connecting churches, businesses, nonprofits and city officials together to collaborate, share ideas, share resources, and tackle needs TOGETHER! They do it all with excellence and are to me, a key part of seeing our city truly flourish.”

Pastor Katherine Knapp | AGAPE Church

“As a church leader, I have interacted with a variety of parachurch organizations. None have impressed me as much as COSILoveYou. Rather than trying to replace the church, they serve as a bridge between the church and the community. They have helped us build a relationship with our local school by serving as a facilitator and matchmaker. They provide the framework and resources so that all we have to do is provide the people.”

Pastor Matthew Capone | Cheyenne Mountain Presbyterian Church

“Through the impetus of CityServe/COSILoveYou, the Church’s united service and shared resources bring an incredible display of God’s kindness to Colorado Springs. I have lived in the Springs for over a quarter of a century, and I have never witnessed anything that has left an unmistakable mark on our city the way COSILoveYou initiatives have.”

– Pastor Joseph Winger |  Boulder Street Church


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COSILoveYou is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization Federal ID #: 82-4228018